PATH Facilitator Training is an intense, active, three-day experience in which participants learn the basics of Person-Centered Planning. Event registration includes breakfast and lunch as well as a PATH kit containing all necessary materials.  

20 hours of CEU/CPDUs are offered.


Past participants have said:

"This was by far one of the most meaningful and useful trainings I’ve attended!"

"Changed my life. I will do things differently in my work, and in my life now. Thank you!"

"Everyone who has a desire to assist individuals with disabilities would benefit from this training!"


Contact us to find out how your organization can host PATH Facilitator Training for your staff or to be notified of the next PATH Facilitator Training in your area. 


Why would you want to become a trained facilitator of PATH (Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope)?


  • Because you really care about the quality of life and opportunities for people with disabilities.

  • Because you’d rather look for strengths and gifts than focus on deficits.

  • Because you understand the importance of each person having a network of friends and relationships in the community of their choice.

  • Because you have a creative streak.

  • Because you love to have fun.

  • Because you love to stretch your knowledge.

  • Because you want to better understand Person-Centered Planning and do a better job of using it.

  • Because you believe that people with disabilities should be in charge of their own lives to the greatest degree possible.

  • Because you love working with like-minded people.

  • Because you believe there is a better way.


Become a PATH Facilitator!

PATH Facilitator Training
PATH Facilitator Training

PATH Facilitator Training
PATH Facilitator Training

PATH Facilitator Training
PATH Facilitator Training

PATH Facilitator Training
PATH Facilitator Training

Community-Building and Commitment-Building with PATH
by David and Faye Wetherow

Participants engaged in past PATH Facilitator training sessions.

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PATH Facilitator Training


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When people first learn about PATH, they tend to think of it as a planning tool -- after all, that's part of the title:  Planning Alternative Futures with Hope (Pearpoint, O'Brien & Forest, 1995).  If they are involved in supporting people with disabilities, they are likely to be interested in the prospect of colorful, engaging, positively-oriented alternative to traditional individual program planning, education planning, and service planning process.  


PATH is certainly a powerful planning tool, but in addition, and, perhaps even more importantly, it is a very powerful tool for invitation, community-building and commitment-building.


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