Creative Housing Options

With the support of Microboards and Cooperatives, individuals throughout Illinois are living quality lives outside of the traditional service system of group homes and ICF/DDs (Intermediate Care Facility for the Developmentally Disabled serving 16 or more individuals).  Some are living on their own maximizing the natural supports of their community through the structure of a Microboard.  Others are living with intense supports provided by a Microboard CILA.


The State of Illinois is currently in the process of rebalancing its Developmental Disability Services System to be more person centered and community based.  As a result, creative opportunities exist for individuals and families who have the determination to pursue them.  The Ligas Consent Decree gives individuals leverage to request services beyond those that are currently available.  

Microboard CILA -- A Microboard that is a licensed provider agency providing Community Integrated Living Arrangment services to one person - the focus person of the Microboard.

Learn more about the Ligas Consent Decree
DHS/DRS Empowering People with Disabilities through Home Services

The Illinois Department of Human Services Division of Rehabilitation Services (DHS/DRS) is the state's lead agency serving persons with disabilities. DRS staff work one-on-one with individuals who have disabilities and their families to empower them to reach their employment, education, and independent living goals.  Through the Home Services Program, DRS provides services to individuals with the most significant disabilities so they can remain in their homes and live as independently as possible.  DRS customers are empowered to live self-directed lives, be actively involved in their communities, and retain control over the services they receive.


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From a Four-Bed 'Placement' to a New Life

by David Wetherow

Sherie wrote:

This is information I am collecting for a friend whose son has lived at home for 30 years and has been in a 4-person apartment w/24 hour "oversight".  He is not terrifically happy with this living arrangement and wants to "come home"--as you all can understand this becomes a problem at this age for both mother and son.  I request again that you please keep me informed of any housing you might be aware of that we could look into to fit the above.


Dear Sherie,

Here's an entirely different approach to the design question that you're carrying on behalf of your friend (notice that I didn't say 'housing' question)...


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Resources Related to Creative Housing Options

Prairie Housing, L'Avenir, and Second-Level Community Cooperatives by David and Faye Wetherow  -- an article about the history of creative housing options through cooperatives in Canada.


Click here to learn about Center for Independent Futures -- a not-for-profit organization that helps individuals with disabilities and their families access the skills and opportunities to realize full lives.  CIF creates products and services to establish sustainable solutions through community living options, personal networks, lifelong planning and education.


Click here to learn about the work of CSH in Illinois. In Illinois, CSH has committed over $21.6 million in grants, loans and services to 158 supportive housing projects--that's 8,624 homes.