Person Centered Planning

Using innovative planning tools called PATH (Planning Alternative Tomorrows With Hope) and MAPS (Making Actions Plans),  IAMC  helps each group develop a Person Centered Plan to address the individual's support needs on their journey to full self-determination, freedom, responsibility and authority.  This Person Centered Plan represents the hopes and dreams of the person and becomes the mission and focus of the Microboard.  The same tools can be used to create an organizational plan for a Cooperative

PATH Fact Sheet

PATH is a Person Centered Planning process.  It is a process to define strategies for aligning and increasing the energy available to make progress on complex problems.  It is a way for a person and members of their support circle to affirm the values that guide them; vividly depict their vision; feel the tension between their vision and their current reality; identify the people to enroll in making progress; specify the ways they will build the skills, knowledge and stamina necessary for the work; sketch strategies that will move them toward their vision; and define exactly who will take responsibility for which immediate next steps. (O’Brien & O’Brien, 1998)


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Using PATH as an Organizational Planning Tool for New Cooperatives

PATH (Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope) was initially designed as a planning tool for individuals. However, the same process is equally effective in organizational planning for new Cooperatives.


When a new group comes together to share resources and consider how to work together to meet the needs of many individuals with developmental disabilities, we can use the PATH process to consider:

  • the driving mission and vision shared by the group,

  • the long- and short- term goals of the group,

  • other people the group will need to enroll, resources they will need to access, and other gaps they will need to fill,

  • and immediate action steps to be taken by group members.


As with Microboards, the PATH is the first step for Cooperatives to solidify the group mission, develop a long term action plan. and assign immediate next steps.

Person Centered Planning

according to PACER Center

"A Person Centered Plan can help those involved with the focus person see the total person, recognize his or her desires and interests, and discover completely new ways of thinking about the future of the person."

Beth Mount & Kay Zwernik, 1988

Person Centered Planning is an ongoing problem-solving process used to help people with disabilities plan for their future. In Person Centered Planning, groups of people focus on an individual and that person's vision of what they would like to do in the future.  This "person-centered" team meets to identify opportunities for the focus person to develop personal relationships, participate in their community, increase control over their own lives, and develop the skills and abilities needed to achieve these goals. Person Centered Planning depends on the commitment of a team of individuals who care about the focus person. These individuals take action to make sure that the strategies discussed in planning meetings are implemented

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